The Abola Virus is a mysterious virus that arrived on Earth with a meteorite shower on February 14th, 2018. This virus is the trigger of all the events on The Last Human series and is responsible of the sudden mutations of the infected and the evolved humans.

Description Edit

An unknown alien virus who was contained in a meteorite. When it entered the atmosphere, it disintegrated into a multitude of fragments, causing the meteorite shower and dispersing the virus across the whole planet. Although all mankind was infected with the Abola Virus, 30% of the global population was able to resist the initial mutations, having unique genetic traits who granted them resistance to the virus.

Appareance Edit

Inside the bodies of Level 1 Infected, the virus takes the form of an amalgam of red spheres with palpitating veins. When the mutation goes further and the infected reach Level 2, the virus changes into a star-like form.

Virology Edit

The Abola Virus only affect humans and is transmitted through air, water and direct blood contact. According to Tian Cheng, upon first exposure, there is a 70 % chance to turn into an infected by the first 2, and is guaranted with the last, although high level Evolvers have enough viral resistance to resist it.

Effects Edit

Although the effects of the virus varies along its host, on the Outbreak everyone fell into a coma for 20 hours since, in each case, the virus provoked sudden mutations in the body, forcing it to adapt and evolve at a monstrous speed.

From there, we can divide the carriers in 2 groups :

  • The majority of them who weren't able to sustain their physical integrity and succumbed to the infection. As a result they suffered extreme mutations that completely transformed their anatomy and killed their mind. Moreover the virus still modifies them, making them increasingly dangerous as more time pass. They are called the Infected.
  • The remaining ones who controlled their mutations due to their innate genetic resistance to the virus and kept their consciousness and sanity. Due to that, they are now able to consciously control their evolution. However they are still vulnerable to the virus and can turn into infected if their resistance is exceeded. They are called the Evolved.

Evolved Edit

Those whose bodies have developed resistance to the sudden mutations of the Abola Virus and kept their conciousness and sanity. They possess unique genetic traits who allows them to resist the virus, however it is still present in their bodies.

In most cases, the virus start to slowly and gradually enhance the natural faculties of their host (speed, strength, senses, etc). As the virus becomes increasingly concentrated in them, they also begin to develop superpowers, allowing them to go beyond the threeshold of humanity.

However, if the virus is overstimulated and their immune system can't keep up, the virus takes over their bodies and turn them into infected or in the worst cases, into Fallen Ones.

Infected Edit

When the virus takes over the organism, it destroys the mind and consciousness of their host and make them act on instincts. At the same time, he begins to alter their physiology into different kinds of inhuman creatures.

As they grow stronger, they begin to develop inteligence to hunt more efficiently. Some of them can even develop an ego, and regain a sense of self. They differ from humans in that the speed of their evolution becomes faster as more virus is concentrated in them. As a result, they evolve quicker since they have no need to raise their immunity to the virus.

When a human is injured by one of them, he change into an infected in 10 minutes. The pain from their injuries disappear, their wounds regenerate and pulsating veins starts to grow and spread across their body. Finally, their mind disappear and they turns into monsters.

Byproducts Edit

  • Coagulated Meteorite Fragment
  • Meteorite Crystal Polymer
  • Meteorite Crystal
  • Damaged Cores
  • Exactly
  • Flower Resin
  • Red Flower Resin
  • Pear Tree Weapon

Coagulated Meteorite Fragment Edit

Found in Leaders, who are infected that have absorbed a Meteorite Fragment. Unlike regular Meteorite Fragments, Coagulated Meteorite Fragments have a smooth texture. According to Tian Cheng, they contain gentle but active viral energy within them. Evolved beings under stage 3 are able to slowly absorb them over a long period of time without mutating.

Meteorite Crystal Polymer Edit

Found in high level infected. The Meteorite Crystal Polymer can be used in multiple ways such as a power bank of viral energy or to augment strength. It can thus be used to accelerate evolution speed without the side effects of a Meteorite Crystal.

Energy Core

Once an evolved reaches stage four, they will be able to absorve an energy core, and one only. There are only six types of energy core corresponding to one evolution path: Red is power type; Orange is fusion type; Blue is elemental type; Green is speed type; Purple is transformation type; and Grey is mental type.[1]

Meteorite Crystal Edit

A blood reddish crystal with a rugged and crude surface. While in the case of evolved humans, the virus energy accumulate in their tattoos, in the high level infected, the virus concentrate to a higher degree and start crystallizing itself inside their bodies. This crystal seems to act like a core for their evolution process similarily to the gathering of a new spot pattern and is a valuable item for any evolved.

Since the energy in the crystal is weaker and more stable than those of the Meteorite fragments, Evolvers under Stage 3 and even non-evolved humans can use and touch it. The energy contained in the Crystals have many uses like healing of wounds, replenishment of energy or temporary enhancement of someone abilities. For that reason, during the first months after the apocalypse, many thought the Crystals only as doping or life-saving items and were even disposed to trade it. Nevertheless, its real value is that it allows those able to properly absorb its energy to reach their next step of evolution, the best way being through The Blood Fusion Method.

However, an overdose intake of Meteorite Crystals can cause mutations. It have been shown with Zhao Youliang, a Beginning Stage 2 Evolver, who swallowed a massive quantity of them while battling Zuo Tian Cheng and turned into a Fallen.

Purified Mteorite Crystal Edit

Damaged Cores Edit

A rare kind of virus byproduct that only forms inside the bodies of Mature Ones, with low chances to appear. Although their power is weaker that those of the Meteorite Crystal, it is enough to allow a Peak Stage 1 Evolver to reach Stage 2 within a few hours. It has the appearance of small black balls.

Green Meteorite Crystal Edit

This Crystal is formed from the fusion of Infected Plant pollen and Abola viral energy. The energy contained inside permits a Peak Stage 2 to break through to Stage 3.

Flower Resin Edit

A unique crystallization of viral energy created by Infected Plants, it have many uses. An Infected Human who have not completely mutated can be saved by eating a granule, it is perfect for healing, and used in a certain way, it can strengthens viral resistance.

Red Flower Resin Edit

Dropped from the Infected Plant Matriarch. Its effects are the same as normal Flower Resin. Furthermore, it allows its user to be immune to Infected Plants viral energy. Some level 5 or higher infected plant matriarch can produce something like a coconut which contain a red liquid that it is high level flower resin.[2]

Pear Tree Weapons Edit

Created from the Pear Tree of Li Hua County, they contains a unique viral energy who especially counters the Infected Plants and their minions. However this effect isn't applied to normal infected, and being made from wood, they deteriorate quickly, thus Tian Cheng declare that these are nothing compared to the weapons forged by Lin Wei.

Trivia Edit

  • The exact origin of the virus is largely unknown, even for Tian Cheng, who had lived a decade after the virus outbreak on his previous life.
  • Many features of the Abola Virus resemble to the T Virus from Resident Evil games & movies, like how the virus takes over the world, the capacity of some people to resist to it and the different kinds of mutation it cause in its host.
  • Contrary to many other fictional zombie apocalypses, the virus don't reanimate its host or convert him even if he has fatal injuries. In order to become an infected, the host must be bitten and remain alive until their conversion is complete.
  • Since the resistance to the virus is genetic, it means that it is transmitted through blood. As a result, many families kept all their members in the initial Outbreak. Moreover, the children often inherits the same evolutionary path than their parents.

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