Ah Bu is an evolved human and one of the Four Dragons of the Zhao Family. He is also a former member of Maple Nest.

Appearence Edit

Ah Bu is a tall man with violet eyes and black straight long hair. He is usually seem wearing light red traditional chinese clothes and carrying a pipe.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

At some point in the past Ah Bu was a founding member of Maple Nest and ally of Hu Feng, having being crucial in the creation of their group. Nevertheless, after the zombie virus outbreak he betrayed his former comrades and joined at the Zhao Family when Zhao Yun Sheng offer him better terms than his leader In order to prove his loyalty he decapited Hu Feng's little brother, Hu Ying, and brought his head to the Zhao Family.

Before the arrival of Tian Cheng in the city, he along the other Dragons of the Family fought against the Fist Emperor, but the encounter ended in a draw with both sides retreating after suffer damage.

Chronology Edit

Battles of Atrition Arc Edit

Fall of the Dragons Arc Edit

Long Hua's Ruler Arc Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

  • Telepathy
  • Mental Syncronization

Relationships Edit

  • Bruce.- He tought highly of the strengh of Bruce, but found annoying his impulsive actitude and liking for fights, especially when it messes his plans.
  • Uncle Li.- Ah Bu seems to respect Uncle Li.
  • Li Wu Yi.- He was in bad terms with Wu Yi for his betrayal to Hu Feng.
  • Hu Feng
  • Zuo Tian Cheng

Trivia Edit

  • Along his words, he was in bad terms with the Axe Gang and have bad blood between them.
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