Ah Yue was a inhabitant of a small town and the wife of Din Peng.

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Ah Yue was a pretty and young woman with reddish brown hair tied in a bun and long two haning strands in the sides of her face. After becoming a mutated, her skin turned gray.

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Ah Yue married Din Peng and the two lived a peaceful life in their hometwon, where his husband administrate a store. She seemed to be really happy. Nevertheless, when the apocalypse started the two lovers discovered that many of their neighbours have mutated and at some point Ah Yue was bitten and infected.

After became a zombie she was imprisioned by his husband in order to keep her by his side. During an unknown amount of time, Din Peng killed people to feed her, treating her as she was still alive.

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Travel to Home Arc Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

After becoming an infected Ah Yue started to grow in strength and having losed his sense of self, was slave of her hunger.

Relationships Edit

Din Peng.- She seemed to have loved deeply at Din Peng. She asked her husband to kill her before she mutated and attacked him, in order to keep him secure. Nevertheless, her husband can't deal with the idea of losing her and promised to keep her at her side no matter what happens.

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