The Alternative Future refers to Tian Cheng's first time experience with the Abola outbreak. It is not known why Tian Cheng was able to go back in time to the beginning of the Abola Outbreak.


Initial OutbreakEdit

In the alternative future, Tian Cheng starts out as a typical teenager who is as confused and frightened by the sudden horrors brought by the Abola mutations. He manages to escape school along with Gao Fei and several other classmates. They take a bus to head downtown; however, one of the student mutates from hidden injuries which causes the bus to crash and attract other infected.

While Tian Cheng and Gao Fei manage to escape with Duan Churou's group from the bus crash, Duan Churou commands the other students not to let the two boys in the safehold. Gao Fei then tells Tian Cheng that he was injured in the leg (implying he may mutate in an infected) and that Tian Cheng must leave. Tian Cheng expresses much regret about the situation which is why in the 2nd timeline, Tian Cheng makes sure Gao Fei is safely out of the school with him.


In June of the same year as the outbreak, Tian Cheng meets Xuan Xuan, his future lover. The two are seen escaping from a zombie horde. Zuo Tian Cheng carries an injured Xuan Xuan on his back only to drop her as he jumps across a broken bridge.

Also, an one armed, Zhang Zhen Yu helps  a heavily injured Tian Cheng and Xuan Xuan to escape a massive zombie horde.

Some time after the first outbreak, Tian Cheng befriends Luo Ren Hang. Luo Ren Hang teaches Tian Cheng the Breathing Technique which allows Tian Cheng to become an evolved. While the two stop for gas, they encounter a Level 2 Sharp Clawed infected to which Tian Cheng almost dies.

3 Years (chapter 70.1)Edit

3 Years after the outbreak, Tian Cheng, Luo Ren Hang and a group of soldiers are sent to collect medical supplies. To note that the group of soldiers were not evolved humans and relied on Tian Cheng and Luo Ren Hang for combat help. The 4 man team accompanying Luo Ren Hang is decimated and only one survive the mission, much to the despair of their leader.

Other notable facts is that Tian Cheng's hair is now slick back.

5 Years Edit

5 Years after the outbreak, all level 1 infected have mutated into Mature Ones. At this point, Tian Cheng notes that nearly all survivors have broken through to Stage 2, allowing humans to fight large numbers of them.

10 YearsEdit

10 Years after the outbreak, Tian Cheng is surrounded by Mature Ones without adequate supplies. After a vicious struggle, Tian Cheng believes he has died, only to find out he has been granted a second chance at life.

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