Description Edit

Normal level 2 infected have a very bulky frame with strong muscles and a very strong skull. They are usual tall.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Normal level 2 infected are much more powerful and stronger than level 1 infected. They also show slightly higher intelligence by being able to conduct sneak attacks and also call upon up to 10 level 1 infected.

Small handguns are no longer effective at penetrating the skull of normal level 2 infected although larger guns are still effective. It takes a team of level 1 evolved humans to safely take down on level two infected.

A peak level 1 evolved human can take down up to three normal level 2 infected.

Chronology Edit

After a week to 1 month after the outbreak, the first full average level two infected appeared.

Trivia Edit

There are incomplete Normal Level 2 infected that call less than 10 level 1 infected.

It is not known whether normal level 2 infected can infect humans because level 2 infected usually kill humans first.

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