Azure Mountain Gang is a street gang and one of the feuding powers on Long Hua City.

Description Edit

The Azure Mountain Gang consists of passionate members who scream "Kill" in the time of battle. It is lead currently by Zhang Zhen Yu.

Survivors must pay only 10% of their belongings in order to enter safe territory protected by Azure Mountain Gang members. Tian Cheng states other groups demand up to 50%.

Background Edit

The gang seemed to be founded by Zhang Wen Quing prior the apocalypsis and after its start they become in one of the powers on Long Hua, when its leader and latter and his brother became evolved humans. Nevertheless, fearing them as a rising power, the Red Jacket Gang raided their base when the two brothers where separated and killed Zhang Wen Quing.

After the death of the Zhang Wen Quing, the power of the Azure Mountain Gang plateaued for a while because the only other evolved, Zhang Zhen Yu, was still an early Stage 1 evolved. Nonetheless, after Tian Cheng, Gao Fei, Luo Lansha, Luo Xiao Yu, and Lin Wei help the Azure Mountain Gang, the Azure Mountain Gang overcome the massive zombie horde and the giant infected to became the number one force in Long Hua City.

Chronology Edit

Battles of Attrition Arc Edit

Fall of the Dragons Arc Edit

Hunting the Leader Arc Edit

Colossus Attack Arc Edit

Long Hua's Ruler Arc Edit

Members Edit

  • Zhang Wen Quing (1st Leader)
  • Zhang Zhen Yu (Current Leader)
  • Lin Ling (Member)
  • Bruce (Member)
    • Tian Cheng believes Bruce can serve as Zhen Yu's right hand man.
  • Lin Wei (Member)
    • In charge of creating weapons.
  • Li Wu Yi (Member)
    • Tian Cheng believes Wu Yi can help manage the Azure Mountain Gang.
  • Lin Quin Quin (Member)
    • Tian Cheng believes Quin Quin can help manage the Azure Mountain Gang.

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