Black Armor is a Level Two type of mutation available for the infected. The most important thing to note is that the Black Armor evolution allows the user to fully retain their personnality and memories, although they need to eat raw meat and fresh blood to keep their sanity and consciousness.

Description Edit

The build of the black armor infected varies on the person. Usually, the user will be covered in black scales up to the neck and some parts of the face. The point of entry is covered by a red scale.

Upon reaching peak stage 2, the user can withdraw certain amounts of the Black armor scales as long as they have enough blood.

Abilities and Powers Edit

  • Cannibalism
    • The mutation gives the user a strong thirst for human flesh and blood. If left alone, he will fall into Berserk Mode. Animal blood is a good substitute.
  • Armor Skin
    • The armor possess an incredible amount of defense with decent attack strength.
    • Luo Lansha's Instant Sonic attack did very little to Luo Xiao Yu's armor except minor bruising and swelling.
  • Razor Claws
    • The elongated claws are able to easily rip through Rippers and humans.
  • Regeneration
    • As a defensive type infected, the recovery time of a Black Armor infected is superior to any evolved human.
    • Luo Xiao Yu healed a hole to her chest from Tian Cheng in a matter of minutes.
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Mental Strength
    • As a level 2 infected, Black Armor users are very powerful.
  • Berserk Mode
    • When the user's life is threatened from a critical blow or the user has not consumed enough blood, the Black Armor user loses majority of their rationale and begins a murderous frenzy.

Chronology Edit

Assault on the Hydropower Station Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Until now, Luo XIao Yu is the only case of a Black Armor that has appeared on the series.
  • The weak point of the Black Armor is its head.
  • To pass stage 3, the Black Armor infected must intake 50 level 3 meteorite crystals.
  • Black Armor users can fuse with a meteorite fragment to reach stage 4.
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