The Black Bandana Society was a biker gang located in Long Hua City. After the apocalypse and previous to its fall, it was a first rate power on the city.

Description Edit

The gang was a mysterious and strange organization for the other powers of the city, since its member doesn't seem concerned with gain more territory or power, just exiting and entering the city at will.

The vestiment of most of their members was a light brown jacket, white T-shirts and black pants. Also, all the members used two black bandanas, one to cover their faces and other in their heads.

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Chronology Edit

Battles of Attrition Arc Edit

Zuo Tian Cheng and Luo Xiao Yu took on the identity of two unnamed Black Bandana Society members, so as to not reveal their identities.

Fall of the Dragons Arc Edit

Lin Wei tells Tian Cheng and Luo Xiao Yu that Zhao Youliang has completed destroyed the Black Bandana Society.

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