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Blood Brain infected have a dark red body color with a small but muscular built. Blood Brains have a skull-like helmet that covers most of the head except the eyes and mouth. The most notable feature is the elongated tongue with a small mouth at the end.

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Blood Brains are poor fighters. According to Tian Cheng, Blood Brains are only as powerful as a normal level 2 infected.

The main threat of a Blood Brain is its conversion method. It appears that Blood Brains stick their tongue into a victim's ear to access the human brain. Once inside, the blood brain is able to raise the power of its victim temporarily until the host is sucked dry.

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Quest for Blood Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

Blood Brains target lower level evolved humans such as stage 1 and stage 2 humans because these hosts are much more powerful than regular humans.

Tian Cheng indicates that higher level evolved humans are able to withstand Blood Brain conversion method.

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