Bruce is an evolved human and one of the Four Dragons of the Zhao Family. He is known as one of the strongest fighters in Long Hua City.

Appearence Edit

Bruce is a really tall and black skinned man with large curly black hair in the form of an afro. He always wears sun glasses and is usually seen wearing a large yellow and purple T-shirt along with purple bermudas.

Personality Edit

Bruce is an honest and fight loving person, being always awaiting worthy opponents and enjoying a good clash of fists. Although he seems loyal to the Zhao Family and cares for his partners, he acts in an honourable way during combats, refusing to committing dirty actions even for the greater benefit of the organisation.

Background Edit

Bruce is a foreigner man that came to China under unknown circumstances. At some point he joined the Zhao Family and was recognised by his combat progress as one of the Four Dragons of the Family.

After the outbreak of the virus, he along the other Dragons fought against Hu Feng under unknown circumstances. Nevertheless, the fight ended unfinished since both sides retreated after suffering damage.

Chronology Edit

Battles of Atrition Arc Edit

Fall of the Dragons Arc Edit

Long Hua Ruler Arc Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

  • Combat progress
  • Superb Agility
  • Knuckle Blades

Relationships Edit

  • Zuo Tian Cheng
  • Zhao Yun Sheng
  • Zhao You Liang
  • Ah Bu
  • Uncle Li

Trivia Edit

  • Since he has yet to appear without his sunglasses, it's unknown how his eyes look.
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