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Long Hua City Edit

  • Zhao Family Headquarters
  • Gas Station

Major Events Edit

  • Zhang Zhen Yu and other member of the Azure Mountain Gang take Tian Cheng back to their base.
  • Tian Cheng enters his spiritual space and discover the reason of why he didn't mutated back during his fight with the Colossus.
  • Two weeks later, is revealed that Tian Cheng's camp is growing in power and members.
  • After a little dispute between members of Tian Cheng's camp and Mapple Nest, Hu Feng declares to his men that they would get what's theirs.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter's cover features the main trio in their gender bender versions
  • This is the second time that Tian Cheng's gender bender version appears in a cover. The first was on Chapter 45.
  • Just before Tian Cheng enters into his spiritual space, his Infinity Spot Pattern appears on the forehead of his physical body.
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