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  • Luo Xiao Yu say goodbye to Tian Cheng and reveals her true feeling while wishing him and Su Rou Xuan all the happiness in the world.
  • Next morning Tian Chengs departs Long Hua City and says goodbye at the leading figures of the new reining camp.
  • Gao Fei and Luo Lansha receive new weapons as a departing gift from Lin Wei
  • Bruce tries to follow Tian Cheng to the Chu Province and is knocked up by the universal evolved in order to keep him on Long Hua.
  • Is revealed that Teacher Luo also departed from the city to live in reclusion with Xiao Xue, in order to let her grow up like a normal kind and not as a leading militar figure.
  • Two unknown characters watch the departing of the main group and express that they have found the person that them boss was searching.

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