characters Appearences Edit

  • Luo Lansha
  • Rui Xue (First Appearence)
  • Quian Duo Duo (First Appearence)
  • Zhao Xiao Fei (First Appearence)
  • Xie Jing Jing (First Appearence)
  • Gao Fei

Locations Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Luo Lansha is rescued by a group of survivors from Xing Xing Middle School.
  • Luo Lansha meets again at her friend Rui Xue
  • An inner fight between Lansha and the trio of ex bullies almost break up
  • Gao Fei appears and reunited with Lansha after killing a Second Level Infected

Trivia Edit

  • Gao Fei having trouble to deal with an Average Second Level Infected makes seems that his physical force is equal or sightly lower than a Stage 1 (Peak) evolved.
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