characters Appearences Edit

  • Xie Jing Jing
  • Qian Duo Duo
  • Zhao Xiao Fei
  • Rui Xue
  • Gao Fei
  • Zuo Tian Cheng
  • Shang Biao
  • Luo Xiao Yu (Pictured)
  • Luo Lansha (Pictured)

Locations Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Xie Jing Jing and Qian Duo Duo decided to try to seduce Gao Fei in order to use him to ger out of the forest
  • Rui Xue is reveled to have a problem that, along Jing Jing, would make Lansha abandon her
  • Gao Fei reunites with Tian Cheng, who tells him that he would not join him and Lansha yet, in order to give Lansha a chance to regain her confidence.
  • Tian Cheng adverts Gao Fei that a zombie horde is approaching.

Trivia Edit

  • Luo Lansha is absent in this chapter
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