Chapter 97 is the ninety-seventh chapter of The Last Human Series Webcomic.

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Yi County Edit

  • Hydropower Station

Major Events Edit

  • Tian Cheng stops the rampage of Teacher Luo and extracts the meteorite fragment from his body.
  • Long Ting tries to escape but is surrounded by Ancient City forces and Tian Cheng group who have captured his men.
  • Seeing his death near Long Ting shoots himself in order to activate a denotating device that explodes the dam. Yi County gets flooded.
  • During the flood Tian Cheng is striked by a huge debris and fall uncouncius, while he's sinking Teacher Luo appears and take his hand.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapters reveals that there exists some types of infected that keep their mind although they gain unusual appearences.
  • The Flood on Yi County and the death of Long Ting is the first major change seen in this timeline.
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