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The Colossus Leader's most notable feature is its sheer size. Tian Cheng estimates that he is taller than a 4 stories building.

The Colossus Leader looks very similar to an average level 2 infected except that like an anatomy bust he has a white muscular body and a head made red by visible muscles.

Abilities and Powers Edit

  • Humongous Size
  • Humongous Strength
    • The Colossus Leader can flatten any non evolved human effortlessly.
    • A mid-stage Stage 2 Tian Cheng with Muscle Strengthened arms could not manage to hold off the Leader's foot for more than a few seconds.
  • Armored Skin
  • Instant Regeneration
    • Once he reached level 4, it gained instant regeneration.
      • When regenerating limbs, red strings form between the amputated body part and the site of the injury before reconnecting them.
  • Control Horde

Chronology Edit

Hunting the Leader Arc Edit

Colossus Attack Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

His blood is green.

The ressemblance with a Titan is evident.

He has low intelligence. Tian Cheng could bait him to jump from a building by making him believe that he falled.

His Coagulated Meteorite Crystal was in its chest, and not in his head like Tian Cheng first believed.

Could theorically be the Fallen Han Li.

The first zombie who cried for his mommy.

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