Dark Demon


Dark Demon have a mishappen body entirely covered in black scales, a Cyclops eye and random teeth. They also have 2 pincers instead of arms.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dark Demons have higher speed and strength compared to other infected at the same stage, they are some of the most powerful battle types among the high-stage infected. Some Stage 4 infected can't match it even at low level. Their scales are so tough that Metorite Crystal Weapons cannot damage it most of the time, and the raw strength of a Stage 3 attacking without energy only push them back without dealing injuries.

Since they are a Stage 3 Infected, their high intelligence allows them to evade, attack in groups and support their teamates. As a level 3 infected, Dark Demons have most likely the power to mutate any nearby Level 1 infected into Mature Ones and lead hordes of them for territorial quest gains.

At stage 4, they can change the shape of their pincers into things like sword, mace and shield. Zuo Tian Cheng calls it Stance Change. He also notes that his former self would have been destroyed by his attacks, since at this level they are incredibly tough to handle for most Stage 3 Evolved.


First appears in chapter 210, protecting the Infected Plant Matriarch with a squad of 2 Rippers and 2 Sharp Claw Build.


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