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First appears as a cocoon ressembling the eggs in the movie Alien, with striated tentacles at his base. When gifted an "offering", the top opens to shout out a long tongue who drag his victim to his teeth-covered "petals".

After his hatching, he reveals a purplish round body with numerous tentacles, and a unique gigantic red eye with a vertical eyelid. No other organs are apparent.

Abilities And Powers Edit

  • Evolve by Eating
  • Zombification
  • Subordinates Enhancing
    • Although the method has not been revealed, he enhanced Brother Lei's ability up to Level 2 without turning him into an infected.
    • Can heal damage on a subordinate to the level of a missing limb, while constantly strengthening the muscles, allowing him to grow stronger. His tentacles must stay connected with the body to accomplish it.
    • Through the tentacles, it can drain his subordinate to accelerate his hatching.
  • Mental Power
    • Can create hallucinations of a loved one and attack spiritually with it.
  • Intelligence
    • The Leader have demonstrated a high level of intelligence, being able to manipulate Brother Lei into a fanatic and formulate a plan to lure more prey into his den by reinforcing Brother Lei and controlling the zombies to form a deadly trap.
  • Fast Regeneration
  • Control Horde

Chronology Edit

Fall of the Dragons Arc Edit

Hunting the Leader Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

Obviously based on the Beholder of Dungeons & Dragons.

Seems to possess a bit of ego, since the hallucination of Xuan Xuan is able to ask questions and express emotions other than to trap his prey.

Taken for God by Brother Lei.

First non-humanoid infected since the beginning of the serie.

Drops the first Coagulated Meteorite Fragment.

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