The Four Brothers Gang is a tentative name for a gagster group that inhabited Shibei City.

Description Edit

The four members group were used to criminal activities. The gang seemed to enjoy violence and oppressing the weak, without having regrets to kill, rape or kidnap teenagers and defenceless people.

Members Edit

  • First Brother (Leader)
  • Second Brother
  • Third Brother
  • Fourth Brother

Chronology Edit

Gang Fight Arc (Chapter 29-35) Edit

Some days after the virus outbreak, the gang tried to scavenge the just abandoned Police Station in Shibei City in order to acquire more weapons and ammunition. There they encountered Tian Cheng and Luo Lansha, and seeing only two teenagers, they tried to kidnap Lansha and kill Tian Cheng. The fight ended with the death of First Brother and the other three severely injured. At the end, Tian Cheng decide to not kill them but to rather leave them to be dealt with by the approaching zombie horde.

Black Armor Training Arc Edit

Somehow, the remain members of the gang manage to escape from the horde and abandon Shibei City. Around two months later, the group was using the Primaveral Forest near Long Hua City as their base, where they trick ingenous traveling survivors in order to kill them, abuse them and stole their resources. However, their luck ended again when they target Teacher Luo, who was in company of Tian Cheng. Their encounter ended with two members being killed by a berserker Luo Xiao Yu and their leader making explode himself with a granade in a desesperate attemp to kill their enemies.

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