Freckles is the tentative name for one of the survivors of the Changji Boardgin School. Actually he has been taken into Maple Nest

Appearence Edit

Freckles is a tall and slim boy with short straight light brown hair that end in tips, amber eyes and freackles in his face.

Personality Edit

Althought shown initially temerous, Freckles has demostrated being a loyal and brave person, willing to face great dangers for his partners and fight even against impossible odds.

Background Edit

He was an student enrolledd in Changji Boarding School and a fellow student of Tian Cheng and Gao Fei.

Chronology Edit

Escape From School Arc Edit

Although not seen, Freckles was among the students that managed to escape from the school grounds and aboard the school bus after the Abola apocalypse started.

After the bus left behind Tian Cheng and Gao Fei, the group headed to the city hoping to find help there, but along the way the sudden mutation of a classmate that hide the fact that was bitten make the bus crash. Although many of his classmates died on the crash, he and many others survived and escaped to the city, only to find a horde of infected.

Long Hua Service Station Arc Edit

More than two months after the start of the apocalypse, he along other 6 classmates managed to survive and arrived on Long Hua Service Station. Unfortunally for them, the area has been become the base of other survivor group that take them prisioners.

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