Gao Fei is one of main characters of The Last Human Series. He is the best friend and sworn brother of Zuo Tian Cheng, an evolved human and the sniper of their group. After the Chuzou Battle he gain recognition as one of the Seven Heroes that defeated the Red Devil and became one of the executives of Long Hua City Base.


Gao Fei is a tall and slim guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. After the start of the apocalypse, he gained a well defined build as result of his constant training.

During the arc saga he wears his own variation of Changji school uniform, consisting of blue pants, a white vertical stripped open neck shirt and the blue and white school jacket.


Gao Fei has a cheerful and honest personality, usually having a calm demanor but being pretty expresive when something happens. At the same way that Luo Lansha he tends to act without much though and its lead by his emotions, however, he's more collected that his compaion and is able to properly analyze the situation when he stops to think.

Along the series Gao Fei has been constantly growing stronger, having to overcome the tragedy of the death of his parents short after the virus outbreak and finding a reason to keep living in order to stay at the side of Tian Cheng and Luo Lansha.

He dears highly at his friends and tends to be extremely loyal to them, being disposed to put himself in danger and fight in order to protect them. This is first seen when he lost his chance to escape Changji school grounds in order to wait for Tian Cheng and even opposed to the other survivors when they tried to close the doors, trapping Tian CHeng inside, out of fear of the zombies, even menacing to kill anyone approching the doors. He is simply a badass cool trustworthy friend who puts his life on the line to save his friends


Gao Fei was born and raised in Yi County, where he lived along with his parents. At child, he was sometimes bullied by other classmates that blamed him for their pranks and get him in trouble with the teachers. At that time he was always supported by his mother that told him she would always trust her son because she knew that he was a good person.

Later in his adolescence he moved to Chuzou district in order to enrolle in Changji Boarding School, where he met Tian Cheng and the two became best friends.


  • He's the second evolved that appears in the present timeline and the third in the overall series.
  • His type of evolution seems to be an unknown kind among the mental system evolveds.
  • He's the most featured character in the chapters covers
  • His spot pattern is on his private parts.


  • (To Duan Churou when she tried to manipulate him) "You're right, I'm a great guy, but... I'm not a sucker! Don't bamouth Tian Cheng behind his back while he's out there risking his life for us."
  • (To Tian Cheng): "No matter where you go in the future, I'll follow you. My good brother."
  • (To Ah Bu about joining him) "I always choose the right leader to follow. But in my eyes, you are not worthy to be my boss"


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