Power and Abilities

  • Sniping
  • Gunman

Abola Virus Abilities

General Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced Mental Abilities

Special Abilities

Deep Sleep

A special state that only Evolvers at Peak Stage 3 who fused with a Meteorite Fragment can enter in order to improve their bodies and raise their immunity against the Abola Virus. Nevertheless, in this state the evolved face their worst fear, insecurity or unease and if they aren't strong enough to face them, they go insane and wind up becoming a Fallen One.

Gao Fei fall in this state as a consequence from being caught in the mental attack of the Eyeball Leader. Before falling into Deep Sleep he was at the beginning of Stage 2, but after awakening from it he was at Peak Stage 2.

Spot Pattern

  • Increased Self Control
  • Increased Mental Strength
  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased Recovery
  • Pattern Stimulation - The pattern appears on his crotch, greatly enhancing Gao Fei's abilities. It can only be maintained for a short duration and have a negative rebound effect when exhausted. The rebound effect is nullified in Stage 2.

Stage 1

  • Detection - An ability which awakens after reaching the starting point of Stage 1. It allows Gao Fei to sense everything around him in a radius of 5 meters. To note that only Mental and Universal Types can use that ability. Due to his rare Nerve Type evolution, Gao Fei is an exception.
  • Detection / Perception Mode - A special technique which allows to sense up to a radius of 20 meters but restricts movements, allowing the user to detect hidden or approaching enemies . After evolving further, he is able to keep the power activate while moving, being able to fight with his eyes closed. When asked by a Mental Type evolver of how he does it, Tian Cheng describes it as constricting the mental strenght in a straight line.
  • Slow Motion Vision
  • Enhanced Range Vision
  • Night Vision

Stage 2

  • Object Possession - Gao Fei's unique ability that allows him to store his virus inside certain items, like his bullets, and enable him to control its movement to some extend and increase his kinetic energy, so the further and fastest it flies the stronger its explosion. This way his bullets can curve midway and explode with the power of a rocket launcher.
  • Remote Manipulation - After gathering his new Spot Pattern, Gao Fei control over objects is improved to the point where he can manipulate them telekinetically over a short distance away from himself. He can thus make a form of tactical weaponized defense using Meteorite Flying Knives with his power, as they are easier for his possession ability to work through. Such defense allows him to defend against a Stage 2 close combat expert, meaning that combined with his sniping ability, nearly none below Stage 3 can be a threat to him.

Main Equipment


  • Sniper Rifle
  • Meteorite Flying Knives
  • Handheld Glock


  • Gao Family Pocket Watch

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Mechanical Skills - Gao Fei demonstrated great mechanical skills while repairing the car that the group used to reach Yi County. He stated that he had been messing with cars since he was 10years old and with the right tools he would even be able to disassemble a tank. It's currently unknown if it was just a boast or the actual truth.
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