Party Members

Zuo Tian Cheng

His best friend, probably the person Gao Fei cares about the most after the death of his parents. Although Gao Fei gets annoyed by some of training practices, Gao Fei's trust in him is immense.

Luo Lansha

Trusted ally. They often tease each other about various things.

Teacher Luo

Luo Xiao Xue

Shang Biao


Gao Zhi

Gao Fei's Mother


Zhang Zhen Yu

Ling Sheng


Fatty Wei



Duan Churou

As with many other students, Gao Fei considered Churou as the idol of the school. He found her gorgeous and thinking that guys like him or Tian Cheng wouldn't have a chance with her. However, he found it funny and interesting how Tian Cheng put her in her place when the school idol tried to humiliate him, indicating that he knows of her shitty personality and only likes her looks.

After the start of the apocalypse, she follows him and Tian Cheng during their escape form the school grounds. Although he witnessed how she abandoned the Sports Representative, who got infected trying to protect her, he still convinced Tian Cheng to take her with them since she was their classmate; nevertheless, he felt disdain towards her actions. This feeling deepens when she tries to seduce him to betray Tian Cheng and when she convinced the school teacher to try to close the main gate to trap Tian Cheng inside.

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