Hu Feng is an evolved human and the leader of Maple Nest. He's recognised as the strongest expert in Long Hua City.

Appearence Edit

Hu Feng is an average tall man who's said to have a gentleman face. He has white skin, black eyes and short black hair, along with a short chin beard. He always wears a traditional blue martial artist outfit along a white shirt.

Personality Edit

Hu Feng acts like a calm and collected person, always hiding his true thoughts and emotions under a smile. He's surprisingly intelligent and cunning, being able to see through people's intentions and dangerous situations with ease and acting according to his greater interests.

He's respected by his subordinates as a strong and great leader and seems to deeply care for them in return. Nevertheless, if some group has strong complains or resentments in his camp, he would dispose of them by sending the seed of discord to suicide missions.

He seems to have stronger ambitions, being ready to sacrifice his family and friends in order to achieve control over Long Hua City and take down his enemies.

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Battles of Attrition Arc Edit

Fall of the Dragons Arc Edit

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Long Hua's Ruler Arc Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

  • Combat Progress
  • Martial Arts- Before the apocalypse, Hu Feng was already knowledgable in martial arts
  • Master Strategist
  • Inch Explosion- Once Hu Feng reached Stage 2, his power was inch explosion. A massive force is condensed into one single point, making inch explosion a perfect close combat skill. It is likely Hu Feng earned the name "Fist Emperor" from his inch explosion power in his previous life.
  • Meteorite Crystal Polymer- Hu Feng combined with a meteorite crystal polymer to break through stage 3. He used its power to augment his strength. After Hu Feng is killed, Zuo Tian Cheng claims the Meteorite Crystal Polymer.
  • Energy Control- Once an evolved reaches stage 3, they begin to discover the true usage of viral energy. Hu Feng shows proficiency in energy control in chapter 179.

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Trivia Edit

  • On the alternative timeline, he was known as The Fist Emperor, an unparallelled existence that could destroy an army of infected by himself
  • At the Chapter 175, he's confirmed as Stage 2 (peak) which is on par with Gao Fei.
  • He sacrificed his younger brother Hu Ying in order to infiltrate Ah Bu as a spy into Zhao Family (from Ch 173).
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