The Infected Bulldog is an hybrid being created from the fusion of Infected Plant pollen, and the viral energy of Parasites. He is found by Shang Biao in the Parasite's Lair, serving as a potential host for them.

He have a huge body of approximatively 1 meter heigh with Infected vines wrapped around it. After being punched by Tian Cheng, he command a Parasite to enhance him, augmenting his size to 2 meters, reinforcing his muscles and making the vines bud. Constating that it still isn't enough, he use the 3 others Parasites to reach Stage 3. His size grows to 4 meters and his fur turns green. The Infected Flowers blossoms, he becomes even more muscular and his claws and fangs grows so much that he can't even close his mouth.

After being defeated, he shows an higher intelligence than a normal dog, being able to understand human speech. Learning that staying an infected will only lead to his demise, he free himself from the Infected Plants with the help of the viral energy generated from his possession by the Parasites, returning to a normal dog size. He then try to pledge his loyalty to the group but fails, and offer a piece of Green Meteorite Crystal in exchange for his life. Satisfied, Tian Cheng let him go, but put a trace of mental strength on him, which would alert him if he approach them again, or let him track him down if he wants Green Meteorite Crystals in the future.

It seems likely that we will see him again.

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