Infected Zombies are mutated who got infected by inhaling pollen, by eating or being a former Infected Human or by being injured by Infected Plant vines. Their skin color turn green and their remains turns immediatly into Infected Plants when they dies. Furthermore the concentration of viral plant energy in their bodies strengthen them compared to non-infected individuals and speeds their evolution process.

A strategy developed by the survivors of Li Hua county to deal with them is to cut their legs with Pear Tree weapons, cover them with gazoline and light them up. The gestating plants thereby burns before they have the time to sprout.

Infected zombies, besides serving as transportation and incubation of new plants, seems to be used by the Infected plants as guards and hunters, attacking non-infected humans and zombies to protect and nourish them. They produce Green Meteorite Crystals if they evolve to Stage 2 and above. Strangely, Stage 2 infected and above keep their original colors.

When reaching the end of their lifespan, their skin turns darker and light blue spirals appears on their skin.

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