Long Hua City is a metropolis of China that became the first resistance bastion after the Apocalypse.

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Long Hua City is a great city with many strong and talented inhabitants and as so is described by Tian Chengs as "a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons". The city is home of many evolved that band to lead great factions and groups that fight for territory and resources.

After the apocaylpse started the city center became human mayhem and only the regions on the limits of the city were able to resist. Since the police and military try to combat the zombie hordes in all the country and were destroyed as result, the same happened in Long Hua. After that, in order to survive, the normal citizen joined a faction to try to increase their chances of survival or roamed hopeless through the city.

Originally, only the Zhao Family and Mapple Nest, since they had at Hu Feng, were first rate powers on the city. Nevertheless, after the first residents started to evolve, many little groups ascended to become first rate powers thanks to the number and power of their evolveds.

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Development Area Edit

  • Central Square

Peace Region Edit

Another far city center region with many powers scartered. Although in certain sense there was a good balance of power, with any faction or group being too much stronger that the others, this lead at the fall of Region.

After the zombie horde invoked by the Leaders, all the powers scarthered to try to survive and were unable to band together to resit the horde strike. Shortly later, Hu Feng and Mapple Nest appeared to lead the survivors against the horde and took control of Peace Region.

Downtown Edit

  • Blood Bank
  • War Bunker

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Trivia Edit

  • Since in the alternative timeline Hu Feng become a legendary evolved, is probably that Long Hua City was his base of operations.
  • Having two evolveds was enough for any group to be recognized as a first rate power on the city.
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