Abilities and Powers

  • Hand to hand Combat.-

Abola Virus Abilities

General Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Senses

Special Abilities

Spot Pattern

  • Pattern Stimulation.- Spots will form a pattern on his arm, this will greatly enhance Tiang Cheng's abilities. This can only be maintained for a short duration and will have a negative rebound affect. The rebound affect is nullified in Stage 2.

Stage 1

  • Superb Speed

Stage 2

  • Shared Vision - A skill of Shang Biao that he shares with her. It works over a great distance (a few kilometers), but doesn't carry commands, so a walkie-talkie is necessary.

  • Instant Sonic - The special power that Luo Lansha obtained after reaching Stage 2 of evolution. When this power is evoked, she can reach the speed of sound while dashing forward. She invents it during a spar with Teacher Luo, who notes that move can instantly kill anyone under her level (Intermediate Stage 2 at that time). After gathering her new spot pattern, she can maintain that ability for 2 whole seconds, meaning she can cover 700 meters in an instant. Tian Cheng says that it's even faster than Luo Ren Hang when he was at his peak.

Main Equipment

  • Battle Knives
  • Meteorite Crystal Daggers
  • Crystal Pendant - offered by her father in a pair

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Driving Skills
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