Group Members

Zuo Tian Cheng

Gao Fei

Shang Biao

Luo Xiao Yu

Luo Xiao Xue


Luo Ren Hang

Lansha's father and the main reason that Tian Cheng to her into his group. Altough her father seems to worry for her and love her sincerely, their relationship seems to be strained due the death of her mother and the constant absence of him beacuse of his job. When she mets Tian Cheng for first time and he offered to take her with her father, she mentioned that she doesn't want to see him but she would follow him meanwhile he had food.

However, when Tian Cheng's group fall under the mind influence of a Leader that tried to confuse them with visions of the people that they missed, Lansha saw her father, indicating that nothenless she still want to reunite with him.


Ling Sheng

Yun Hong Die

Lin Wei


Su Rou Xuan

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