Luo Xiao Xue is the younger sister of Teacher Luo and current member of Zuo Tian Cheng group.



Xiao Xue is cheerful and cunning girl. Although very young, she has adapted faster than many others to the dangers and violence of the apocalypse, no fearing the sight of fighting and understading the best ways to remain alive.

Although she tends to act very childlish sometimes, this is all a ruse in order to motivated other to help and protect her and her sister. Nevertheless, this is not born of the desire to control others, but a way to do what she can do to securate the wellfare of her family.


Xiao Xue growed along her sister, Luo Xiao Xue. She used to live in Shibei City, where her sister worked as a teacher, until the start of the apocalypse. After the outbreak of the Abola Virus the two sisters tried to abandon the city in car; nevertheless, their escape were stopped when a group of zombies surrounded them.


Rescue Mission Arc

Ancient Wall City Arc

Quest for Blood Arc

Hunting the Leader Arc

Abilities and Powers

Luo Xiao Xue is become evolved stage type and become the Strength Type which could destroy some part of tank and stop Tank from moving with the help of her sister


  • Luo Xiao Yu - Her older sister and the only known member of her family. She loves her sister very much.
  • Zuo Tian Cheng - She admires and cares about him greatly. Looking up to him like a big brother. She tries to encourage her sister to be with him.
  • Luo Lansha
  • Gao Fei


  • Since her joining into Tian Cheng's group at the end of Battles of Attrition Arc until Long Hua's Ruler Arc she was the only non evolved of the group.
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