Maple Nest is one of the greater powers on Long Hua City. The group is recognized and feared for being led by Hu Feng, the strongest evolved in Long Hua.

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Maple Nest is lead by Hu Feng and has its base of operations in Long Hua City. Early in the story plot, Maple Nest was tied with the Zhao Family for control of Long Hua City.

Through Hu Feng's strength, Maple Nest was able to recruit 70+ evolved humans. However, it is later revealed that Hu Feng used devious methods of recruiting and maintaining order within Maple Nest such as sending discontent members to suicide missions and appearing to help weaker groups only after a massive zombie horde attack.

Members Edit

  • Hu Feng (Leader)
  • Li Wu Yi (Former/ 2nd in Command)
    • After divulging intelligence at a clubhouse, Hu Feng imprisoned Wu Yi to later kill him.
  • Lin Quin Quin (Former/ Senior Member)
    • After divulging intelligence at a clubhouse, Hu Feng imprisoned Quin Quin to later kill her.
  • Freckles (Rookie)
  • Qian Qian (Rookie)
  • Ah Bu (Former/ Founding Member/Double Spy)
    • Ah Bu was a founding member of Maple Nest. Hu Feng and Ah Bu conspired to infiltrate the Zhao Family by having Ah Bu join the Zhao family with Hu Feng's younger brother's head as proof of loyalty.
    • Ah Bu later disclosed intelligence on the Zhao family, allowing Hu Feng to kill Zhao Yun Sheng and effectively end the Zhao Family group.

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