Description Edit

Parasites are very small, green level 2 infected. While they are muscular, they are very weak compared to other level 2 infected.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Parasites are poor fighters because of their weak strength. However, they are good at stealth, extremely fast and can latch onto humans and other infected and augment the strength of their host.

Once attached to an infected, the infected host will begin rapid evolution enhancement. If it is attached to a human, the human will become a level 1 infected.

Chronology Edit

Assault on the Hydropower Station Arc Edit

Chapter 198, with the Infected Bulldog.

Trivia Edit

They are very rare.

If attached to an average Stage 2 infected, they can rarely trigger the Hammer Shape evolution.

If a parasite is killed, the host is also killed.

They inhabit lairs where they coexist with a powerful infected suited to become host.

It's theorically possible that if a parasite further evolves, they may become a Blood Brain.

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