Shang Biao is an evolved being, the pet hamster of Luo Lansha and a member of Tian Cheng's group.

Appearence Edit

Shang Biao has light orange fur with a darker line on her head and white pelt oh his abdomen. After evolving, his spot pattern manifested as a cross shape tattoo on his back.

Personality Edit

Shang Biao has a cheerful and smart personality, being kind and loyal with his owner and her friends. He also helps them on numerous occasions.

Although he demonstrates intelligence beyond normal for a pet, being able to correctly assert situations and follow orders, there are situations in that he remains loyal to his feral instinct.

Background Edit

For some reason, Luo Lansha took Shang Biao to school with her the day of the Virus outbreak.

After the zombies started to move, he hides himself along with his owner and her friends on an empty classroom.

Chronology Edit

Rescue Mission Arc Edit

Shang Biao went with Luo Lansha to seach provision in empty classrooms. When her owner heard stange sounds and wanted to investigate, Biao clinged to her leg and tried to stop her from going.

Gang Figth Arc Edit

Travel to Home Arc Edit

Revenge for a Brother Arc Edit

Ancient Wall City Arc Edit

Assault on the Hydropower Station Arc Edit

Battles of Atrition Arc Edit

Quest for Blood Arc Edit

Shang-Biao winds up eating some meteor fragments, allowing him to evolve as well. He becomes carnivorous for zombies and mutant zombies, showing he was able to take down a group of mutated infected all by himself.

Fall of the Dragons Arc Edit

Hunting the Leader Arc Edit

After discovering that Shang Biao and Lansha were able to share their vision, Biao is send to scout the origin of the zombie horde aboard a drone. During his scout, the hamster enter in contact with the Colossus leader, allowing their friends known about the menace; nevertheless, it seems that he was lost in action afterwards.

Long Hua's Ruler Arc Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

Abola Virus Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Inteligence
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Infected Detection
  • Hidden Presence
  • Evolving by eating

Shared Vision Edit

A skill shared with Luo Lansha. It works over a great distance (a few kilometers), but doesn't carry commands, so a walkie-talkie is necessary.

Transformation Edit

After eating the Green Meteorite Crystal gifted by the Infected Bulldog, Shan Biao develops this capacity.

He grows to 4 time his size with his upper body more muscular than the rest, he walks on 2 legs, his hairstyle changes and his claws becomes 3 times bigger and are capable of slicing Infected plants vines, so they contains a high concentration of viral energy.

Even if this ability is not equivalent to Tian Cheng Universal Spot Pattern, it similarly raise all attributes, if only temporarily. 

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Shang Biao is the first case of a non human individual affected by the virus known by the men.
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