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Sharp Clawed are green and have a tall and slim build. They have red eyes and the pupils are black in Sharp Clawed who have coagulated meteorite crystals. The most notable feature are the two claws that replace their hands.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Sharp Clawed are considered the strongest infected under stage 3. Sharp Clawed are very powerful but they also boast very decent speed with strong armor that handguns cannot penetrate.

The only drawback is the low intelligence where catching the attention of the Sharp Clawed can distract it.

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Long Hua Service Station Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

In Tian Cheng's first life, he almost died at the hands of a Sharp Clawed infected. However, in Tian Cheng's second life, Tian Cheng easily subdued a Sharp Clawed, most likely because he was at stage 2 evolved by then.

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