Yun Hong Die is one of the leaders of the Ancient City Wall Survivor Camp and the second in command to the Ling Sheng.

Appearance Edit

Yun Hong Die appears to be a beauty with a voluptuous and curvaceous body and a big bosom, a thin waist and a huge butt. She has orange hair and dresses rather revealing.

Personality Edit

She is a very strong and direct person, quickly demanding others respect. On top of that she is quite flamboyant due to her looks and confidence.

Background Edit

She was an assassin before the outbreak, even titled as the "No. 1 assassin" after eliminating a well protected target.

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Ancient Wall City Arc Edit

Assault on the Hydropower Station Arc Edit

Battles of Atrition Arc Edit

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Trivia Edit

She was even known as a very famous person in the alt life.

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