Zhang Wen Quing was an evolved human and first leader of the Azure Mountain Gang. He was also the brother of Zhang Zhen Yu.

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Althought the personality of Wen Quing is unknown, he was highly respect and liked by their subordinates, and under his leadership the tax to enter Long Hua City across the Azure Mountain Gang's gate was generaly low, suggesting an strong but generous personality.

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At some unkown point in time, he along with his brother Zhang Zhen Yu founded the Azure Mountain Gang. After the Abola Apocalypse he became an evolved human and his group became as one of the powers of Long Hua.

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Battles of Atrition Arc Edit

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Battles of Atrition Arc Edit

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  • Zhan Zhen Yu

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  • Li Hui
  • Li Xuan

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  • Although he and Zhang Zhen Yu were blood brothers, their different tones of skin could indicate that their fathers were of different ethnicies or they were half brothers.
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