Zhang Shen Yu is an evolved human and the current leader of the Azure Mountain Gang. He's also an ally and one of the most important friends of Zuo Tian Cheng.


Zhan Zhen Yu is a tall, dark skinned young man with an atheltic build. He has dark brown hair that he used as dreadlocks tied in a short ponytail.

As many others members of the Azure Mountain gang, he uses their representative color in their clothes, wearing a azure jack with white and red stripes and blue jeans.



Alternative Future Background


Battles of Atrition Arc

Quest for Blood Arc

Fall of the Dragons Arc

Hunting the Leader Arc

Colossus Attack Arc

Long Hua's Ruler Arc

Abilities And Powers

  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Nunchucks expert

Main Equipment

  • Nunchucks



Friends & Allies



  • Although he and Zhang Wen QUing were blood brothers, their different tones of skin could indicate that their fathers were of different ethnicies or they were half brothers.


  • (To the photo of Zhang Wen Quing while lighting incense): "Brother, times are hard, I can't find any suitable things, so I have to make od with I had. But don't worry, I won't let those bastards from Red Jacket Gang get away with this"
  • (About protecting Fei and Lansha in order to repay Tian Cheng): "In my life, I always have hared owing anything to anyone. So I always made sure to take revenge and pay kindness. Whoever wants to take those two away... will have to do it over my dead body!"
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