The Zhao Family was a powerful mafia organization and major power on Long Hua City. They are a major antagonist on Long Hua City Saga.

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The Zhao Family was one of the most powerful groups in Long Hua City, vying with Maple Nest for influence.

The Zhao Family controlled subgroups such as the Red Jacket Gang and the Three Baldies Gang instead of incorporating its members into one massive group.

The majority of the Zhao Family derived from its "4 Dragons", 4 high evolved members.

The Zhao Family group lost power after Tian Cheng killed both Zhao Youliang and Uncle Li. After Zhao Yun Sheng fled to the peace region, Ah Bu sold his position to Hu Feng who killed Zhao Yun Sheng, ultimately ending the Zhao Family regime.

Members Edit


  • Zhao Yun Sheng
    • While not confirmed to be an evolved, Yun Sheng appeared to be a very powerful man
    • He kept a box with him that even members of the 4 Dragons did not know the contents.

Four Dragons

  • Zhao You Liang (Militiamen Leader)
    • The most powerful evolved among the 4 Dragons who subdued Black Bandana Society single handed.
  • Uncle Li (Advisor)
    • Another powerful evolved.
  • Bruce
    • Another powerful evolved who specialized in speed.
  • Ah Bu
    • A powerful evolved who later was found to be a spy for Hu Feng.

Elite Members

  • Han Li (Former)
    • A former Muy Thai champion who became an evolved.

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