Zhao Ling was the second son of the Boss of the Zhao Family, Zhao Yun Sheng, and a member of the survivor party from Changji Boarding School.

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Although not seen, Zhao Ling managed to escape from the zombie infested school grounds and join the group of student and teachers that fleed the school towards the city. Nevertheless, their bus crash after a student, that hidden the fact that he was bitten, mutated. He along some others few survived the crash and arrived at feet to the city, only to found that the city was a worse hell that the school.

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More than two months after the start of the apocalypse, Zhao Ling and the rest of survivors from Changji arrived on Long Hua Service Station, along their way to Long Hua City, where they were take prisoner by a bandit gang that had claimed control of the Station. Tian Cheng managed to save them which the group he was with takes them in provided they work for shelter. Ling, being a self-entitled brat, does nothing but whine and complain about his situation, then quickly jumped at the chance to backstab them once his family's officers arrive to start a fight with Li Wu Yi's group. Thinking himself invincible now, Ling gets Han Li to take his men and kill everyone there to "get back at them for making him work". Once Tian Cheng took out Han Li, Ling immediately begged him for mercy, which fell on deaf ears as Tian Cheng had already warned him what will happen if he tried to backstab him. Saying that he doesn't give second chances, Tian Cheng snaps Ling's neck, killing him.

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