Zhao Youliang was the young master of the Zhao Family and the leader of organization's militia. He was also the strongest of the Four Dragons of the family and one of the most prominent figures of Long Hua City.

Appearance Edit

Youliang is described as a handsome and intimidating person. He has a tall and slim but muscular build, blonde hair and blue eyes. In adittion of a scar below her right eye.

After start to becoming a fallen, his skin took a bluish tone and his eyes become complete blue without iris.

Personality Edit

Youliang is an extremely hard working young man who wishes to be approved and loved by his father. Fueled by an inferiority complex to his younger half-brother, Youliang listens to his father's orders perfectly.

Youliang is ruthless as he single handedly killed the Black Bandana Society as well as smacked his subordinates under Tian Cheng's "request".

Background Edit

Zhao Youliang was born as the son of Zhao Yun Sheng's mistress. Although he was the child of a illegitiment lover, he was taken by his father but constantly put behind his half younger brother, to who his father really gave his love. Nevertheless, the young boy demonstrated great talent and work hard to complace his father, ended up being recognized as one of the strongest fighters of the organization, The Four Dragons, and becoming their second in command.

During the months following the virus outbreak, he lead Zhao Family forces to claim a great territory of the Development Area, absorb other gangs and defend their zone from the zombie hordes. After becoming an evolved he and rest of the Family dragons clash against Hu Feng, but their fight ended with both parties retreating after sustain damage, leaving their battle inconclusive.

Chronology Edit

Battles of Attrition Arc Edit

Quest for Blood Arc Edit

Fall of the Dragons Arc Edit

Abilities And Powers Edit

  • Tactiacal Mind
  • Martial Progress
  • Electricity Control

Relationships Edit

  • Zhao Yun Sheng
  • Zhao Ling
  • Uncle Lin
  • Hu Feng
  • Zuo Tian Cheng

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his great power and the respect that he commanded from his subordinates is unclear if his father would have allowed him to inherate the position of boss over his legitimate child.
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