Zuo Tian Cheng is the main protagonist of The Last Human series. He is an evolved human that died once in an alternative timeline and came back to life ten years into the past. He is determined to reunite with his lover from his past life and save all the friends that he lost the first time that he lived through the Apocalypse.


Tian Cheng is a light skinned, tall and slim but well built young man. He has brown eyes and black straight medium hair. After the weeks he spent in Yi County, his hair grew slightly longer.


Tian Cheng posses a direct and determined attitude as result of living a whole decade fighting to survive in an apocalyptic world. Those experiences made him a hardened veteran, ready to risk his life and kill in order to protect those who are precious to him.

Having gone through the apocalypse once, he understand that humans can be just as dangerous as the infected and that one should never let their guard down or show compassion. Although he would never show any hesitation to kill, he still laments the death of those that are innocent and offers the ones who have been bitten, the chance to die as human by his hands.

He's very loyal and fond of his friends in both his past and current lives, taking great risks to help them and secure their welfare. Nevertheless, as a pragmatic person, he doesn't feel any responsibility to help everyone, especially if that would lead him and those close to him into unnecessary danger.

In his past life just after the start of the Apocalypse, he's shown as normal teenager. At that time he was somewhat unsure of himself, feeling guilty for having to leave some people behind in order to survive and not being strong enough to protect Su Rou Xuan. Nevertheless, he was still a brave person ready to give his all in order to survive and become stronger for himself and those who cared to him. In this way, the years he spent with Ren Hang and Rou Xuan, molded him into the person he actually is.


At some point, years before the apocalypse, Tian Cheng lost his parents in a car accident, becoming an orphan. It is currently unknown how he managed to continue his studies and enroll in Changji Boarding School, where he befriended Gao Fei.

Alternative Future

Tian Cheng managed to survive 10 years of Apocalypse. He did reached the peak of stage 3, however since he waited peak stage 2 to gather his new spot pattern and spent a lot of time on it, his power was merely average. He needed help from Lu Rou Xuan to enter his Spiritual Space when he broke through to stage 3. Since he couldn't get his hands on a meteorite fragment, he couldn't step into Stage 4.

Finally, he became the last survivor of a city. With no supplies left and no hopes of surviving, overrun by all the Mature Ones of the city, he still fought bravely to the last end.


  • The reason for his reincarnation back in time is currently unknown.
  • He has the habit of smoking regularly.
  • It's highly probable that in this new timeline, he became the first human to evolve (only 2 days after the Outbreak).
  • The thing he hate more than anything is being called father-less.


  • (To himself about his reincarnation): "Was I given this chance to redo everything because god didn't want me to leave with any regrets"
  • (To himself about teaching the Breathing technique to Lansha): "Before I reincarnated, Uncle Luo, who is both my master and friend, spent a lot of time to make this set of breathing exercises but I'm the only one he taught... Now, after my reincarnation, I'm passing it to his daughter. Is this fate?
  • (To Luo Lansha about the Apocalypse): "Yeah, if there was no apocalypse, you, me and Gao Fei would be fine too, we would be all studing in school. But...we must accept the fact  that the apocalypse  is here."
  • (To Luo Lansha): "Hey kid, remember there is only one truth left, do whatever you can to live"
  • (To Gao Fei about his revenge for his mother): " You're my brother, your revenge is my revenge too"
  • (To Gao Fei after the death of his parents): "This world has become this way, I can't change it nor I know how to change it. Some people choose to accept their fate, some people choose to fight against it. I choose neither... I just want to live on with you guys because only by living we have a chance."
  • (To Li Wu Yi about killing Zhao Ling): "Brother Li, heed my advice. Uncut loose ends, invite chaos."
  • (To Zhang Zhen Yu about their friendship) "In the future there is no need to keep track of who helped who, just, Zhang Zhen Yu, are my brother!"
  • (To Brother Lei about his faith in the Eyeball Leader): "Get this right, there is not God in this world, if there was it would be me"
  • (To Long Hua evolveds about fighting the Colossus Leader):"Humans and infected have no room for negotiation. If you guys want to have a safe place to live, the only way is to KILL IT."
  • (To Luo Ren Hang about the two of them): "There was a young boy who didn't know anything and couldn't do anything, a soldier saved this boy when he was in verge of death. This soldier thaugh him everything and helped him to grow from an ingnorant idiot into a real man. Whatever the boy owes to this soldier, there's no way he can ever pay him back in full. Today, no matter what decision you make, I'll support it unconditionaly."
  • (About Xuan Xuan, Uncle Luo and him): "She's not expressing herself, and only will show her cheerful side around people she's closest to. Uncle Luo is her benefactor, so with her personality she won't want to see what happens next. Maybe this is fate, maybe I'm destined to meet her in Chu Prefecture."
  • (To Yang Cong about his dad death, returning the sense to him): "Get up. No matter who it is, once the infected plant has invaded his body he's no longer human, they are all Infected, enemies that the infected plants sent to kill us! What you need to do is kill those Infected and avenge your family! And not cry and act like a coward!"
  • (To the members of the Divine Pear Tree Camp, giving their courage): "All of you listen up! No matter who comes out from those flames , treat them as enemies. If you want to live, pick your weapons and fight. Since you've chosen to stay, there's no retreat! You either fight or die!"
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