Abilities & Powers

Breathing Techquine

Breathing Technique

  • Tactical Mindset - After living through a decade of fighting, Tian Cheng developed the combat abilities and mindset of an veteran soldier. Thanks to that, at battle he's always calm and analytic, able to judge correctly the power and tactics of his enemies and thus respond accordingly.
  • Future Knowledge - Having lived the next ten years once, Tian Cheng possesses a great deal of valuable informations, such as ways of controlling Viral Energy, acquisition and usage of rares and powerful ressources, future events, high levels infected details, and the identities of the future important figures of his past life.
  • Leadership - Tian Cheng has been proved proficient in commanding incursion squads and defensive operations. This is showed when he led many of the Development Area's powers to repel a masive zombie horde.
  • Hand to Hand Combat - Although not a real practionner of martial arts, Tian Cheng has a great dealship of experience and is proficient at close quarters combat, being able to predict and block the moves of a Muay Thai champion Evolver like Han Li with ease, even after the latter activates his Spot Pattern Stimulation.
  • Weapon Expertise - Tiang Cheng has demonstrated a great ability of using a varied range of weapons, including guns, javelins, knives, crowbars and others.
  • Longsword Mastery - Tian Cheng seems to have some experience at wielding longswords from his past life, as we can glimpse the handle of one on his back in Chapter 20's flashback. Moreover, it is highly probable that Meteor is a reworked and improved version of the sword he possesed at the time.
  • Breathing Technique - A special technique that he learned from Luo Ren Hang. His friend and mentor developed a way to canalizate the Viral Energy and control it, allowing the user to increase their immunity and accelerate their evolutionary speed. It also help regulate their physical state, quickening their recovery from simple injuries.

Evolved Powers

General Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced Mental Abilities

Special Abilities

Energy Control - The true usage of the virus. Normally only usable by Stage 3 Evolvers, Tian Cheng unlocks it at Stage 2.

Spiritual Space - (No control over it for the moment)

Spot Pattern

  • Increased Self Control
  • Increased Mental Strength
  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased Recovery
  • Pattern Stimulation - The pattern appears on his arm, greatly enhancing Tiang Cheng's abilities. It can only be maintained for a short duration and have a negative rebound effect when exhausted. The rebound effect is nullified in Stage 2.

Stage 1

  • Detection - A passive ability which awakens after reaching the starting point of Stage 1. It allows Tian Cheng to sense everything around him in a radius of 5 meters at all times. It is to note that only Mental and Universal Types can use that ability. Due to his rare Nerve Type evolution, Gao Fei is an exception.
  • Detection / Perception Mode - A special technique which allows to sense up to a radius of 20 meters but restricts movements, allowing the user to detect hidden or approaching enemies . After evolving further, he can keep the power active while moving, even being able to fight with his eyes closed. When asked by a Mental Type evolver of how he does it, he describes it as constricting the mental strength in a straight line.

Stage 2

  • Muscle Strengthening - The special power that Tian Cheng obtained after reaching Stage 2 of evolution. When the power is activated, Tian Cheng arm is surrounded by a layer of energy who form a special pattern of red, white and black colors. This ability gives Tian Cheng fearsome destructive power, allowing him to release energy along his strikes. After gathering his new spot pattern, he can power up both arms, an ability he only mastered at Level 3 in his past life.
  • Micro State - An application of mental strength which permits Tian Cheng to precisely control his strength and allows him to hop around on infected heads. It is hard to maintain and spend a lot of mental strength which makes a long utilization difficult for now. Tian Cheng notes that Gao Fei will be better than him thanks to his Nerve Type evolution.

Fallen One State

During his fight with the Colossus Leader Tian Cheng was forced to eat the Eyeball Leader's Coagulated Meteorite Fragment in order to gain the power to defeat it, effectively mutating into a Fallen One, although he was able to revert and later control it. In this state Tian Cheng seemed to retain some sense of self and enough inteligence to fight with techniques and weapons. Nevertheless, he mainly relayed on his monstrous speed and strength that allowed him to go straight through the thoracic cage of the Leader.

In this form, Tiang Cheng's hair turns white, his eyes becomes completly black, with reddish orange iris and red pupils, and 3 red strings appears below them. Also, the skin from his neck to below turn dark with red paterns along it, strangely ressembling Teacher Luo Black Armor in a troubling manner. It is currently unknown if he can activate only a part of it or if his Muscle Strengthening completely mutated and is now fully merged with it.

Since Tian Cheng technically became a Fallen One but managed to retain his consciousness, he could theorically be categorised as a Black Armor if not for the fact that he doesn't need to eat blood and raw meat. His ability could also be classed as a Transformating type since it raise several attributes during the time it's evoked and provoke physical changes.

In his fight with Hu Feng, the black armor revealed a level of defense superior to Tian Cheng Peak Stage 3 of his past life, an attack power capable of blasting a Stage 3 Hu Feng to the next building, along with an overall increase in his body constitution and ultra high speed recovery. It is interesting to note that all these capacities reflect those of the 2 Leaders fragments he absorbed, including mental capacity since it allowed him to enter his Spiritual Space (although it was only temporary). Tian Chang is also capable of manipulating an higher grade energy than Hu Feng, probably due to the mix of the 2 Leaders viral energy, and his past life knowledge and mastery of energy control.

However since it increased his raw strength to the point where it match those in Stage 3, Tian Cheng stated that to breakthrough he will need more than 10 times the energy necessary to a common evolved.

Evolution History

Evolved to Stage 1 in the 2nd day of the outbreak with the help of the Breathing Technique.

Obtained Meteorite Fragment at an abandonned gaz station.

Advanced to Stage 2 in the fight with the Hammer Type at Long Tin base. Obtained Muscle Strengthening and another Meteorite Fragment.

Obtained Level 3 Meteorite Crystal after the fight with the Sharp Clawed at Long Hua service station. Used it to gather his 2nd Spot Pattern with the Blood Fusion Method, enhancing his Muscle Strengthening, both fists are powered up.

Obtained 2 Level 4 Meteorite Cristal from ambushing the Ripper and the Sharp Claw Build death battle. Used it to reinforce his Spot Pattern and access Intermediate Stage 2. Further refines his Muscle Strengthening, diminished consommation.

Obtained Coagulated Meteorite Fragment in the fight against Eyeball Leader. Used a Meteorite Fragment to forge Meteor.

Used the Coagulated Meteorite Fragment to recover from heavy damage in the fight with the Colossus. Change into a Fallen One. After obtaining the Colossus Coagulated Meteorite Fragment, a balance is formed with Meteor, unlocking temporarily Tian Cheng Spiritual Space, allowing him to absorb the viral energy, make it his and control the mutation thus preventing his concience to be lost and making him effectively into a sub-type of Black Armor.

Obtained Meteorite Crystal Polymer from fighting Hu Feng. Usage of Energy Control even though he's at Stage 2.

Obtained Flower Resin from the Fully Mutated Infected Plant. Used it to strengthen his viral resistance. Refines again the remnants of the 3 Meteorite Fragments, which unlock his Spiritual Space, once again temporarily. Improved Mental Strength, similar to a average Stage 3 Mental type. Sensing range of Perception Mode now reachs 50 meters and its clarity is immensely improved. Gains an easier use of Energy Control, limit augmented to 3 swings at full strength.

Obtained Green Meteorite Crystal from bargaining with the Level 3 Infected Bulldog in Li Hua City. Used it for Shang Biao advancement.

Obtained Flower Resins from bargaining with Brother Fei for safe passage to Pear Tree safe zone. Total 30 Resins, 15 paid on spot.

Obtained Level 4 Green Meteorite Crystal from the fight with the Dark Demon squad, used it to refill the Meteorite Crystal Polymer a little.

Obtained a Red Flower Resin from beating the Infected Plant Matriarch and several pieces of Flower Resin from the Infected Plant Corridor under its dominion.

Obtained 5 more pieces of Flower Resin from clearing the path to the Pear Tree safe zone.

Obtained the 15 Flower Resins promised from successfully completing the deal made with Brother Fei.

Obtained numerous Flower Resins from the Infected Plants trap, gifted them to the Infected Bulldog to produce Green Meteorite Crystals.

Main Equipment

  • Meteor
  • Meteorite Crystal Polymer
  • Cigarette Pack and Lighter

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Driving Skills
  • Car Stealing
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