Group Members

Gao Fei

Tian Cheng's best friend, companion and "brother". Having known each other for a long time and being best pals in school, Tian Cheng deeply care for Gao Fei, being disposed to go to Yi County to help him found his parents and taking part in the revenge for his mother. In the same way, Tian Cheng trust his friend and greatly estimate his abilities, having been saved by him from the ambush of a Lone Walker and having his support during his fight with Zhao You Liang. He even trust him to lure out Hu Feng, which he did successfully.

Meanwhile, though he sometimes find calming the relaxed and playful attitude of his friend, most of the time he scold him along Luo Lansha for his toughless attitude, like the time he fought with a Level 2 hand to hand when his forte is ranged combat. Even so, he has the complete loyalty of his friend and knows that he can really let him handle it when things get desperate. In addition, Tian Cheng seems to hold great interest in Gao Fei's evolution path since Gao Fei's nerve system evolution was one Tian Cheng never came across in the alternative future.

In his past life, Gao Fei was injured to the leg shortly after the Outbreak due to Zhao Ling and sacrificed himself by staying behind to let Tian Cheng enough time to escape. His unability to save him is something that he deeply regretted and is the reason he make sure that Fei survives this time.

Luo Lansha

A companion and friend of Tian Cheng and the daughter of his benefactor. Tian Cheng met and saved her during his search for Xuan Xuan at her school shortly after the Outbreak. After discovering her relationship with his former mentor through a special pendant, he decided to train her and took her in his group as a way to repay Luo Ren Hang.

Tiang Cheng tends to be kind but severe with Lansha, be as her leader or as her trainer, taking an attitude similar to an older brother. Also, he tends to scold her for her impulsive attitude and rash ways. However he greatly admires the fact that she can still care for others problems in the apocalypse while most people would only care for their survival.

Teacher Luo

A companion and "protegee" of Tian Cheng. Tian Cheng took her in his group and took the role of being her guardian and mentor after she became an black armor infected. He has been teaching her how to control her new nature and powers in order to help her stay by the side of her sister and to avoid she hurt others, since he's the only one strong enough to restrain her.

It appears that Teacher Luo holds some romantic feelings for Tian Cheng although she does not act upon her feelings.

Luo Xiao Xue

He met her and her sister in his way to Xing Xing Middle School, where he saved them from a group of zombies, impressing the little girl with his strength. Since then, she has wanted him as a brother in law. Although his rough attitude, Tian Cheng is kind with Xiao Xue and tends to be considerate with the feelings of the little girl; he care enough for her and her sister to offer them to go with his group, offer that her sister rejected, and to later save them from the hands of Long Tin.

After the group get together again in Long Hua City, he asked Lansha to teach her the Breathing Technique, showing that he wants her to get stronger.

Shang Biao

Tian Cheng has been curious about Shang Biao since the two of them meet, having felt the presence of an evolved from him, but being unsure of it. Although he only considered the hamster as Lansha's pet at the start, the little one helped him in more than one occasion, earning his gratitude. He usually trusts in Biao to guide him and treats him as a companion.

After confirming Biao's evolution, he feed him Meteorite Crystals to help him breakthrough. The new abilities of Shang Biao impressed him greatly, to the point that he started to call him "Brother Biao" affectionately and concluding that he is more useful than Fei and Lansha together.


Su Rou Xuan

Tian Cheng's lover in his past life and the most important person to him. The two met after the apocalypse in Chu Province on June 18th and fought to escape from a zombie horde and survive together. The day of Tian Cheng's death, after being surrounded by a horde of Mature Ones, he said his goodbye to her by looking at a photo of them two together, glad that he could convince her to evacuate and that she would keep living. After his return to the past, one of his principal objectives is to meet her again.

He affectionately call her Xuan Xuan.

Luo Ren Hang

Tiang Cheng's mentor and friend and the one who invented and taught him the "Breathing Technique" as a result of being the first Evolver to fuse with a Meteorite Fragment. The two of them met at some point before the third year of the apocalypse and formed a survivor group together, with the two of them being the main fighters. During this time they overcame many difficulties and became friends. One time, Ren Hang saved Tian Cheng's life during a fight with a Sharp Clawed.

Zhang Shen Yu

One of his most important friends and the one who saved his and Xuan Xuan lives by sacrificing himself. Among the many regrets that Tian Cheng carries, the loss of his friend to a zombie horde and his inability to save him weight heavily on him. For that reason, he was determined to repay Zhang Shen Yu sacrifice of his life and arm, and as a result made his way to the metropolis, triggering the events of Long Hua City Saga.


Ling Sheng

Tian Cheng respects Leader Ling and was disposed to delay the departure of his group from Yi County for the chance to meet him and form a friendship with him, knowing that the leader of Ancient Wall City would become an important figure in the next years.

Yun Hong Die

Tian Cheng seems to have known Yun Hong Die in his previous life, stating that she saved her life once. He's highly impressed of her abilities as an assassin and infiltrator, trusting her enough to take her with him and Luo Brat to infiltrate Long Tin's base although she wasn't an evolved.

Li Wu Yi

Tian Cheng meet Li Wu Yi when his group shelters him after the flood on Yi County. Although at the start he was treated as a drag by the team leader, this change soon when Wu Yi discover his prodigious combat ability and try to befriend and recruit him. Although harsh and too much sincere, Tian Cheng consider him as a good person and trust him enough to reveal him his connection with Zhang Zhen Yu and ask him to search his whereabouts.

Lin Quin Quin

Lin Wei

Not much is known about Lin Wei's and Tian Cheng's relationship in the alternative future timeline. Tian Cheng only knowns that Lin Wei was a prominent figure in his past life for her metalwork skills.

In the current timeline, Tian Cheng becomes friends with Lin Wei after the Zhao family arc when Tian Cheng fought Zhao Youliang. While Lin Wei's Black Bandana Society was decimated because of Tian Cheng's claim of being a member of the Black Bandana Society, Lin Wei holds no grudges against Tian Cheng and happily makes Tian Cheng the meteor sword.

Azure Mountain Gang


Hu Feng

As a famous figure in his past life, Tian Cheng was interested in meeting The Fist Emperor. Nevertheless, their two encounters developed into tense situations between him and Hu Feng , majorly by the circumstances and the attitude of Tian Cheng. However, he was grateful to him for his help in submit Zhang Zhen Yu and was impressed by his martial arts.

Zhao Youliang

Long Ting

Colossus Leader

Eyeball Leader

Red Plant Matriach

Ah Bu

Uncle Li

Red Clothed Gang

Fatty Wei

Duan Churou

Zhao Ling


Hei Shou

Tian Cheng briefly interacted with the Hei Shou during the Battles of Attrition events, when he borrowed his identity to take part on the fights. Unknowingly to him, this action triggered the destruction of the Black Bandana Society and the death of Hei Shou.

Gao Zhi

Tiang Cheng seems to have known Fei's parents before their travel to Yi County. During the attack to the Flour Factory, he rescued a traumatized Gao Zhi and take him to safe. After Gao Fei woke up from his coma, he was disposed to teach the breathing technique to his friend's father.

Qian Qian

Tian Cheng saved Qian Qian from being raped by a gang during their encounter in Long Hua Service Station. Although he wanted to leave after saving her and the rest of her group, claiming that he only helped them as former classmates, after Qian Qian plea of help he decided to take them to Long Hua City.


Tian Cheng saved Freckles along with his other former classmates from a bandit gang during their encounter in Long Hua Service Station. He also bandaged the wound he got from being shot in the leg.

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